Drinkme Challenge

Let us help you eat more greens!

The purpose of doing a cleanse is just that: to cleanse your body of toxins that accumulate over time, from processed food and other things we ingest. With the drinkme™ Detox Challenge, you’ll get more of what your body needs, and not deprive yourself of important nutrients.

Starvation does not mean you’ve had a successful cleanse!

Under the drinkme™ Detox Challenge, we recommend you consume 2 drinkme™ smoothies per day for 3 weeks. The Green 3 is best, as it contains 5.5 servings of veggies and fruit per bottle! You won’t be hungry with our challenge because drinkme™ is a cold blended smoothie, not a juice. This means it contains fiber, protein, and extreme Superfood nutrition! If hunger does prevail, a simple salad or other plant-based protein source can be enjoyed as well.

We will send you helpful information on detoxing. When ordering our Detox Challenge, you will get 40 bottles of drinkme™ (5 cases) and you’ll be on your way to a healthier, cleaner lifestyle. You can pick which cases you would like to include in your detox or you can go with Christina’s pick of 3 cases of Green 3, 1 case of Ruby, and 1 case of Ginger Coco.


Here is the opinion of Dr. Charles Laham:

As an interventional and preventative cardiologist and researcher with a regular heart and general health lecture and radio audience; I have seen overwhelming enthusiasm in patients, friends, and family utilizing these highly nutritional, organic, and delicious drinks.  I have had personal success with drinkme™ drinks to avoid skipping meals. I have noticed improved energy, weight reduction and generalized well-being in many ways with their regular use. In my opinion, I find these drinks to be a useful nutritional addition to achieving a balanced healthy proactive diet.

Disclaimer: some drinkme™ flavors have increased levels of fiber as well as some vitamins and minerals (especially vitamin K, potassium, iron in most and coconut flavors have increased coconut based fat and sodium content). It is recommended that one consult their health care providers to ensure drinkme™ content doesn’t impact any of their unique health problems or prescription medications.


Charles Laham

Dr. Charles Laham, MD, FACC, FSCAI, FRCRC Mayo Clinic trained internist, interventional cardiologist and researcher