About drinkme

drinkme™ was founded in 2007 when Christina Paganelli began making kale smoothies to satisfy her own health regime. From the Canadian prairies to the booming California market, drinkme™ rose to the top of the market in both Canada and the USA in 7 years. Brand Story, passion, science, innovation, and rock solid products have led their way to success for this organic and “Kale-roots” grown company.

drinkme™ has pioneered the HPP technology in Canada, and has positioned as a first to market company in the fast paced, high growth beverage space in the USA.

drinkme™ is a whole food, cold blended smoothie. Everything goes into our drinks, so you can be sure you’re getting every last bit of nutrients. drinkme™ uses only 100% USDA certified organic produce so you don’t have to worry about any pesticide residue or GMOs. We moved from Canada to California to be closer to our ingredients. This ensures that only the freshest and best organic produce goes into every bottle.

Kale is our star ingredient in our smoothies and for good reason; kale is incredibly rich in vitamins and antioxidants. We have created 5 kale based flavors all with unique and different flavors that are sure to satisfy everyone's tastes. We have also created two kale based frozen packs that people can use at home to make their own smoothies. Our frozen packs are great for people that don't have a high powered blender, but still want to have a delicious green smoothie.