Frequently Asked Questions

What is kale?

Someone told me kale has oxalates and if I have to much it will give me kidney stones!?

Kale gives me indigestion. Will drinkme™ help?

How is drinkme™ different from juice?

What are whole foods?

Why is fiber important?

What is an enzyme?

What happens to the enzymes in cooked food?

Is it cold pressed? or - What is cold blended?

Doesn't blending create heat?

How does it stay raw? How do you "pasteurize" it? Is it pasteurized? How do you keep it fresh?

Doesn't the pressure create heat? 

What time of day should I drink my drinkme™?

How much drinkme™ should I drink?

Why do you use plastic bottles instead of glass?

How can drinkme™ help me after a workout?

drinkme™ does NOT use concentrated orange juice or purees. Why not?

I want to make my own smoothies, but I don't have a high powered blender...

*The Canadian and American Food Guide.... drinkme is best used daily combined with a natural healthy diet and lifestyle. Contact us for information on how to use drinkme as a detox or cleanse.