Drinkme and you

Stick close to nature.
drinkme™ believes food is healthiest in its natural form. Nature gives us living, whole, nutrition-packed foods. drinkme™ works hard to keep them that way.

Go raw.
Heat destroys nutrients. drinkme™ never touches heat. Your ingredients are raw and living to their fullest potential.

Stay fresh.
The banana in your drinkme™ is hand peeled. We cut it right before we put it in your drink. In fact, we washed, peeled, squeezed and blended all your ingredients all within an hour to ensure freshness.

Eat smart.
Nutrition lives in peels, pulp and stems. drinkme™ makes the most of nature, and uses every bit of fruit and vegetable possible to give you the highest quality ingredients.

Keep it real.

Your drinkme™ calories, sugar and carbs are all from the actual fruit. We add nothing else to your drink - no purees, no concentrates, no additives, no preservatives. Other beverage companies use these to keep costs down. We keep it real to make you the best drink possible. drinkme™ may cost more, but it's worth your good health.

Feed your body.
drinkme@ is enzyme-rich, so your body digests and absorbs every ingredient. Digestion and absorption begin in your mouth, giving you instant energy. When you eat enzyme-poor foods, you burden your body with having to use its own enzymes to digest it. What a waste!

Eat green.
You need your green leafy vegetables. That's why drinkme™ makes kale the star of every drink. We serve it whole, with ribs and stems that offer all that precious fiber that works so well to remove toxins from your body. Plus, we break it down into a smoothie. The cell walls are broken up making the nutrients more readily available to your making the kale even easier for your body to digest. Bonus!

Be whole.
Processed food is often chemical-laden and stripped of its vitamins and minerals. drinkme™ is a whole food. Nothing bad goes in. Nothing good goes out. Your drink is carefully made to ensure every ingredient stays in its close-to-nature form and is useful to your body.

Stop free radicals.
Fatty foods, radiation, pollution, sun... Today's environment can spawn excessive free radicals in your body. The kale in your drinkme™ is an antioxidant superstar that can help you fight them off. When free radicals attack your molecules and steal their electrons, antioxidants step in to donate one of their own electrons and neutralize the damage to your skin, heart, and healthy cells.

Feel strong.
drinkme™ is a complete protein with all five essential amino acids. Drink up to build muscle, energy and stamina.