Awards & Recognition

Check out the Beverage World Magazine Feb 2014 Edition. The article is about the road to success for Beverage entrepreneurs, and highlights drinkme’s founder Christina Paganelli.



“Shortly after learning she had multiple sclerosis and four months into her first pregnancy, Christina Laham Paganelli was diagnosed with thyroid cancer – and it was spreading to her lungs. Bucking all odds, she beat back both diseases, but the fight gave her a new objective: achieve a higher level of health through a stricter diet of fruits and vegetables.”



Beverage Co., started her company out of her own home in Stonewall. Paganelli started making herself a smoothie made from raw whole food as she was changing her diet having been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and thyroid cancer within six months of one another. “Given my science background I just figured there was something wrong in my system because the two diseases were not related. But yet, it just seemed odd that they both happened at the same time. So I started looking into naturopathic medicine, healing naturally, and what could be done from my end to better my situation,” explained Paganelli, who has both Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees.”


Manning Award nominees and past winners (from left) nominee Dr. Magdy Younes, winner Dr. Werner Ens, nominees Christina Laham Paganelli and Dr. Pradip Maiti, winner Dr. Ken Standing, nominee Kerry Green and awards founder David Mitchell.